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What to Expect / FAQ

Are you wondering what to expect when

you attend Hays Christian Church?

Here’s a list of our Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do I wear to church?

Our church is very laid back and casual. In the summer you will see shorts and sandals, and you may even see that in the spring and fall if weather permits! For us, the point is not what you look like, it’s what you’re here for! Yes, you will see some people in dress pants and collared shirts, but even Pastor Kevin is usually in jeans and a polo.


2. How long does your service last?

Our service is about 75 minutes. We start at 10:45 and are usually done by noon.


3. What type of music do you have?

Our music is blended between the contemporary choruses and traditional hymns. Most Sundays there is a praise team up front leading. Our praise team mix changes, but generally we have piano, drums and guitar.


4. Do you dance, clap, hoot and holler?

Yes and no. We don’t dance in the aisles, but we do sometimes clap along with a song. Some people may raise their hands during the songs, but it’s very laid back – people do what they feel comfortable with. Sometimes we stand when we sing, other times we remain seated.


5. Am I going to be “singled out” as a guest?

NO WAY! We welcome you as our guest to our church. We’re not going to make you stand up and introduce yourself or wear a name badge that says “GUEST.” We’ll welcome you (and everyone else) at the door, show you where to go and ask you to fill out a communication card just letting us know how you found out about us and some other basic information. It’s your choice if you fill out a card, and it’s your choice about how much information you choose to give us. We value your privacy and will never sell or give away your contact information.


6. I saw in the bulletin (program) that there is a “Greeting One Another” time. What’s that about?

The greeting time is a short 2 1/2 minutes that allows us to mingle with one another to say hello. People will probably come and shake your hand and welcome you, but you’re not going to be interrogated or singled out for attention.


7. Do you share prayer requests during the service?

Yes. If you have a prayer concern that you would like us to pray for, simply fill out a prayer request card (they are by the front door, or ask an usher) and put it in the basket (also by the front door) by the end of the greeting time and we will pray for it during the service. Prayer requests are also put in the bulletin for the next week so that we can continue to pray for your need. Prayer needs are posted in a secure, password-protected area of the website that only regular attenders have access to.


8. How big is your church?

Our average attendance is around 60 people.


9. How long are your sermons?

The sermon portion of the service is when someone (usually Pastor Kevin) shares something that he or she has learned and studied about from God’s Word, the Bible. There are often movie clips or songs used, and sometimes there is a “fill-in-the-blank” outline in the bulletin. The sermon runs between 20-30 minutes. We value hearing many voices in the pulpit, so the personal style of each speaker and the topic being discussed will impact the length and format.


10. What do you have for my children?

Our church values having families together during worship. However, at some point in the service, usually before the sermon, the kids in elementary school (grade 5) and below leave the sanctuary to go to Children’s Church. Children’s Church is a place where kids get Bible teaching at an age-appropriate level taught by men and women who have a heart not only for God, but also for kids!

Before they leave, though, we have a special Children’s Message, which is a short object lesson to help kids remember important Biblical truths. The kids all come up and sit at the front while a trusted adult shares with them on their level.

We have a nursery for babies, but encourage kids who are able to attend Children’s Church. There’s no lower-end age requirement – it depends on each child and his or her development. Parents are always welcome to attend Children’s Church with their kids.

And you are always welcome to keep your kids with you throughout the whole service. And we don’t give disapproving stares if (when) your child makes noise. We see kids as not only the future of the church – but also as a vital part of the church NOW. In fact, if it gets too quiet, Pastor Kevin may wonder if his own young children have fallen asleep!


11. Do you have communion (The Lord’s Supper) every Sunday?

Yes. Each Sunday we pause to remember and reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus paid for us on the cross. Someone will give a short devotional thought and then we have trays of small bread squares and small cups of juice that are passed down each aisle. We invite any person who believes in Jesus as his or her Savior to partake of the emblems as they are passed. If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, we ask that you simply pass the tray to the next person.


12. What does your church believe about the role of women in the church?

Our church believes that God loves and gifts each one of us equally, regardless of gender. We have women in all levels of leadership (including elders and deacons) and also have women who preach.


13. What do you believe? Do you have a doctrinal statement of faith?

Yes. Our doctrinal statement of faith is posted online.


14. I still have more questions!

Great! Feel free to ask more questions by sending us an email: kevin@hayschristianchurch.org.